Performance with stones at the opening of the exhibition
»Franz Pröbster Kunzel Idiot«,
on 23rd March 2001 at the Kunstverein Weiden (Weiden art society)

Palm-sized stones, collected in the fields, are washed and brushed then placed and painted in rhythmic lines 1 cm apart. The gaps between the lines are filled with moments in time. The meditative idea of Zen accompanies this work. Not an act of creation but banal doing.
Laying out and placing the stones was only a part of the visible.
I need the field, the lines and the order to understand and comprehend myself. What then happens during the performance is an experiment with involvement, the new, risk and failure. It is simply movement, sounds, actions of well-ordered meditative work. Looking for and washing the stones was a mission in itself. I laid the stones out 3 by 5 meters on coco mats. (Kunzel)